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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bunting Fever

Britain has gone into bunting fever for the last few weeks, running up to the Diamond Jubilee.  Walking through our village has been lovely, I'm all for a little bit of extra decoration and at the very last minute I decided to join them.  For some reason I can never plan in advance and ended up making the bunting on Saturday and Sunday....and by making I mean I got my sister and my mum to do a lot of the work for me, like most of it.

So here is a little run down of what I got them to do.

First we took a pile of my husbands old work shirts and I ironed them and cut them all into manageable pieces, took all the buttons off to save for another project.

From this
to this!!
A template was made so that all the flags would be the same size....almost.

Lots of cutting then followed with achy wrists and fingers....what? it's hard work cutting!

The machine was bought down the cotton added and the sewing commenced, almost entirely by my sister. 

Here's where I came in....I crimped the triangles to give them a lovely edge.

My children, mum and sister all decorated a  flag each, hopefully in years to come we can look back at this bunting with happiness.

Then all the flags were sewn onto some string ready to hang up.  A little last minute crimping went on and for a final touch some red ribbon was tied between each flag.....and voila our bunting is complete.

 I love our bunting I just wish I had planned well in advance so that we could have had more. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a really really big thank you to my mum and sister for helping me by making my bunting for me with the minutest help from me.

 Whats the next big occasion that's coming up, I'm a bunting addict!?  Did anyone else make bunting? I'd love to see pictures or blog posts about it.

I took my kids on a very wet and windy walk today to capture forever how my village decorated their houses. Here are a few photos I took today on a very wet and windy Tuesday.

This is my favourite and oldest in the village

Happy Wet Tuesday


  1. I LOVE that red telephone booth.... I wish we had that close to me in the US.... I'd use it all the time.

    I am your newest follower! I hope we can be friends! :D

    love, polly

    1. Hey Polly, I'm going to do a post soon just for you about a special red telephone box in one of neighbour villages. They've made it into a book exchange!! it's really cute!

  2. This was a lot of fun until D2 squashed her finger.
    I need my favicon like Polly...How? xxx

  3. The tavern is so lovely and all the bunting is fun. Yours turned out great, too. I made bunting once, and got so tired of sewing triangles, I thought I'd die, but I was happy with it once it was finished.


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