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Monday, 4 June 2012

Our Village Jubilee Party

 I thought I would share some snapshots of our village Jubilee party.  In true British tradition the road was closed, the flags were put up and the tables were laid.  Being slightly always late for stuff I was very surprised to see we were the first to arrive, after about 5 minutes of loitering around we were informed by the young girl laying the table that everyone else was at the village clock having their photo taken.

High tailing it to the clock, we got there just in time to hear a loud cheer and a hip hip hooray and everyone started dispersing and making their way to the party.

Still it was a lovely atmosphere on the walk from the clock to the party, it's the most busy our village ever gets!

The children sat down to proper Jubilee party food, consisting of jam sandwiches, hula hoops (not sure if you get these abroad but just in case you don't  they are crisps ((potato snacks/chips)) in hoop shapes) custard creams (again in case you don't know these are 2 biscuits sandwiched together with a creamy filling.....great for dunking in a nice cup of tea) and cake.....of course!

This is about as close as I could get 2 of my kids to look at the camera at the same time!

Our wonderful School Meals Club (a charity run by some wonderful, very hardworking parents in the village to ensure that the children at our school get the chance to have a cooked meal for lunch should they so choose) ran a tea/coffee and cake stall for all the grown ups, with some very delicious cakes....I was rather partial to the scones with jam and cream and if you pushed me to I might actually admit to going up for seconds and thirds of these.

And the best bit about it all, my 3 kids had a whale of a time scootering around and completely wearing themselves out, and now as I write this they are all sound asleep in bed, having fallen asleep immediately that their heads hit their pillows, a rarity in this household.

A great time was had by all and it didn't even rain!!

Happy Jubilee Celebrations!

p.s. Village, next time there's a Jubilee can we please have a wine stall ;)

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