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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Star of The Day

So today, my star of the day is a little bit different.  Read the listing or go to this thread on The Vintge Etsy Society Team Discussions for more details.   

Listing Details
My fellow Starving Artists: ... 

The original cry for help- Fall 2012. Before and after SuperStorm Sandy, were these paperclip listings. The love and generosity of strangers buying these paper clips helped save my home. SERIOUSLY- helped saved my family home! 

One of the amazing Vintage Teams here I am proud to be a member of took it a step further-

The Vesties- Vintage Etsy Society Street Team founded THE RED PAPER CLIP FUND.
Compassion and help for who ever needs it- Medical bills, tax bills, whatever the need. Our Amazing Co-Leaders set up . Legit, discrete help.

The team has suggested ( and received!) donations, all stemming from a listing similar to this that I wrote in an act of desperation. We now PIF it to the next to struggle here to lighten the load-

Buy a red paper clip; help a fellow etsy shop owner- together we can weave a safety net.

Inspired by equal parts shear desperation, the Kyle MacDonald ONE RED PAPERCLIP trade, and the most supportive teacher I know, JD, who has finally taught me what I’d missed for 49 years: “ If something’s not working, try it a different way.”

We offer a paper clip for your art needs.

These paperclips- useful, tangible things that they are, will be my artistic plea and statement.

Help someone else hold it together (get it?). 

$4 will buy you a traditional Bright Red painted paper clip. 
Approximately 1” long X ¼” wide.

***Also available in Lime Zombie Green, Pepto Pink, Orange Orange, Light Teal Blue, Outta The Closet Purple, and Good Old School Uncoated Silver tone~

You will also receive a heart-felt “Thank you".

For your scrapbook or artwork, or blog

Be a hero for the next person. Great Karma, great feedback, great tomorrow.

Colors listed above available, too, or none at all if you are of generous heart but clutter-free home.

($5 pays all supply/ etsy/ paypal / postal fees and still puts 3 bucks in the Vestiesteam Red Paper Clip Compassion Fund)

*$3 postage for "Everywhere Else" for additional postage and post office trip*

Thank you so much. We sincerely appreciate the help.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Chantal. If anyone would like to donate to our fund, please contact me at
    So far, we have helped four Vesties. There are many out there who need a boost and I would love to give it. Either by sending a gift from the heart to them or a donation. Please read our thread!


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