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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Featuring...Orange Door Vintage

Today, I have the great honour, of introducing you to Elisa from Orange Door Vintage and Orange Door Cottage.  If you have never been to her shop then pay her a visit, but before you do make sure you have a cup of tea and some biscuits and settle yourself in for a wonderful time.  All of her listings have a fact and fiction story to them.  Truly genius!  

**Update**  I totally forgot to mention that Elisa is offering all readers a 15% off discount code!  Just convo her before your purchase and she will reserve them for you.  The discount code is CHANTAL
My background includes 20 years as a studio potter, product design, shop owner and interior designer. 
Today, in my retirement, I am dedicated to creative freedom. I am a hopeless upcycler, recycler, designer, and collector of vintage, retro, and mid century modern. I wander around where old things are, picking up what catches my eye. Sometimes I see something as "perfect", and I photograph it to offer here in this store.
Other times I'm inspired by a found object to remake , recycle, and alter it. In that case, if I create something all new, I show it in my other shop:
I have an eye for the whimsical, the conversation piece, the well-used hand made toy or decoration. I feel that I am rescuing these pieces from the rubble, photographing their beauty and presenting them to you, as art.
Elisa, stretching her long, lithe limbs,awoke to the aroma of Cappuccino and a lovely ear kiss from gorgeous Roberto.
From her breakfast in bed, she dashed to the shower, then to her wardrobe to pick the demure outfit of the day.
Having covered herself from neck to ankle, she jumped in her little electric car and headed to her Kindergarten class where 20 adoring little souls awaited. For 5 hours she nurtured the introverts, socialized the extroverts and instilled in every last one the belief in their unique creative abilities.
At home, she peeled off the daytime uniform to reveal herself, a full body masterpiece tattoo and the ultimate work of art.
Then: 2 hours of gospel choir practice, 1 hour of hot yoga, a macrobiotic dinner left with a love note from Roberto saying “ I love you and miss you. I’ll bring great groceries and will see you on Friday and not a moment sooner.”
Then, into her jammies and to bed with a good book and some chocolate.
Lights off. Sweet dreams.
Where else can we find you?
I rarely do retail shows anymore: those days are over.
Internet selling is  my dream of the perfect selling experience; I love to awake and see that while I was sleeping someone in the world was shopping for that weird and wonderful object I feared I'd never sell.
I can be found here:

Where did you get your love of vintage from?
I have always loved old things, simply because they have history. I feel that old things have energy and vibe. I like imagining their stories. Oh yes, in my upwardly mobile phase I went through an “everything new” phase, but I have always needed a few old things around to give my surroundings some soul.

Do you have a vintage obsession?
Only one? 
I’m obsessed with paint by number art
vintage art, currently portraits
industrial objects
anything mid century
odd wood objects made by boys in  junior high Wood Shop or by some novice in his basement.
granny squares and vintage quilts 
vintage trophies
What’s the strangest item you have found?
One of those objects made in Shop Class by a boy for his mother: a green turned piece of wood with about 50 nails
pounded in to hold spools of thread. I love this object and hope I never sell it.
What is your favourite item in your shop?
The accordion. It’s beautiful, and I wish I could play it.

What is you favorite era?
Currently, it is Mid Century. I grew up in this era and had the highest teased hair of all my friends. I love the glamour, the Danish Modern design sense. I still like anything Scandinavian.To be honest, this hasn’t always been true, but it is today. I’m a bit of a fashion tart......I swing with it.
2 years ago I disliked avocado green plastic objects; today I adore them.
What advice would you give to people starting out?
If you are opening an online store:

Have good stuff (If you don’t have the knack for picking, you’re in the wrong business)
Photograph it well
Write clear copy; clever is good, but clear and complete is most important.
Work your store daily
Ship promptly  and pack well
Give good service. Never disagree with a customer. Issue full refunds if people are unhappy. Build those good reviews.
Love your will always show, and business will follow.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?
I wish I had known, in my younger years, how ambition can rob you of what is really important. I spent too may years trying to be important, when who I really am is just Elisa, who likes to tinker and read books and be with her people.

If you could learn something new what would it be and why?
I would like to play music. Maybe I should keep the Accordion  and take lessons.
Where is you most favorite place on earth?
My studio
My little house
Anywhere my granddaughters are, even if it’s at an endless volleyball tournament

What would your dream pizza topping be?
I’m a basic cheese and Pepperoni person, but in designer Pizza’s I like Feta Cheese, Greek olives, and Anchovies.
What would your pirate name be?
Well, I had to google that. 
Queen Anne’s Revenge sounds cool to me.

What question do you wish I had asked and what would your answer be?
What has been constant elements throughout your design life?

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did.  I can tell you I had a massively hard time picking out which photo's to use as she has so so many wonderful both shops.

Thanks you


  1. How absolutely perfect is that chair!
    And . . . My mom still has those Pyrex mixing bowls!

  2. Excellent interview! Such quirky objects and such an interesting and fun personality which comes through in her answers. Off to explore her shops now! Rachel xx

  3. Nice to meet you Elisa!
    I share a few of your obsessions...granny squares for one :)

  4. Great interview & great photos. I love the Fact & Fiction - fabulous!


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