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Monday, 22 October 2012

The Ladykillers

This weekend my husband and I got to go out for an evening to the theatre.....oooh posh eh??

a) we just don't get to go out much as I am sure all the parents across the globe can relate to and b) if we do it's normally to the cinema...not the theatre, lovies.

It was pretty awesome.  We went to see The Ladykillers.  Written for this stage show by Graham Linehan of Father Ted and The IT Crowd fame and starring Clive Mantle, Michele Dotrice and Shaun Williamson just to name a few.

From the minute we walked in to the Theatre I knew I would love it.  The theatre was small and once we were all seated it was rather snug however it was old and quirky and beautiful and perfect.

The show was brilliant.  Everything you expect from Graham Linehan quirky and funny with tons of brilliant lines.  The set was a masterpiece.  A skewiff house with loads of fantastic features including a police chase using toy cars on the front of the house. And the acting was phenomenal, all lines delivered perfectly.  Clive Mantle was fantastic and Michele Dotirce, well, a she is a legend, if you don't know who she is, she played Frank Spencer's long suffering wife Betty!!! 

If you are going to see this you are in for a treat and if you have the chance to go and see it, take it with both hands.  It is a great night out and I wish I could go and see it again.

Happy Monday
Chantal x


  1. I haven't been to the theatre (pronounced "the-a-trah", of course) since a drama class field trip in, oh... 1990-something? I need to do it again, for sure.

  2. Fun. Haven't been to the theater in a few years myself. I saw the 1955 movie version of "The Ladykillers" on DVD.


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