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Thursday, 24 May 2012

To Crochet or Not To Crochet

I've been working on a jug cover, don't giggle, for awhile now and I've recently finished it.  So here it is in all it's glory.  I didn't think I would like crocheting with such a small hook, and in fact I really didn't think I would be able to.  It turns out that I am capable of it and even more surprising I love it more than crocheting with bigger needles.  I'm pleased with how this one turned out even though there is a mistake...or two, but sshhhh we're going to ignore that.

I adore the vintage beads that I used.

 This is my current project, or filler really.  When I finished the jug cover I wasn't sure what to make so I decided just to crochet a huge granny square thinking that it's an easy one to do, not much concentrating needed especially when chatting and eating copious amounts of cake. Now here's the's twisting, can any of you wonderful crochet kings and queens explain what I'm doing wrong, it's driving me bonkers! I want a granny square not a granny spiral......please please help me, I promise to be grateful.

 I'm in love with the colours however although it's not the softest yarn I've ever used.

 And lastly I spent an afternoon teaching myself the crochet star stitch.  This doesn't look too bad but if I zoomed out you'd see a kind of triangle shape happening.  So it seems that I'm not that hot a crocheter even though I like to try.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas & the Papas on Grooveshark

Enjoy this lovely summers evening, it's warm and the birds are all singing their bedtime songs.


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  1. Keep trying, you'll get there :)

    I love crocheting, it is so, so meditative...


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