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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oh My Gosh The Sun Came Out!

 What a wonderful day today has been. The sun has come out finally in the South West of England. It was a perfect temperature with the hint of a cool breeze, absolutely perfect.

Chicken by The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster on Grooveshark

 Here are 2 of our Bantams in their laying box.  Coco and Margot.  Margot is our feisty one, she's normally pretty cross but at the moment she's even crosser because she's broody.  Look how high her tail feathers are and her head is low to the ground hissing at me.....yes literally hissing!  One day I'll catch a little video of her herding my kids, it's quite funny to see my children running from this tiny bantam.

Queen Margot

I wonder if you can guess what this is?  No? Really?  It's a smelling stall, my kids made it.  The bottles look a bit lethal and between you and me they smell a bit lethal but they are actually from a kids perfume making kit.  And yes we have all had to try it even my 6ft plus brother who was made to try the pink gel.

There are some really lovely smelling things on their table, I think they did a smashing job, not only do they smell nice but they got an amazing array of textures.

I love this time of year, where things grow against the odds.  I like battlers.....well except for the cursed dandelions that attack my allotment.  This is an apple tree that we cut to just a trunk, telling us that despite our best efforts it's going to continue growing thank you very much.

And I don't even know what this is or from whence it sprung, I'm sure it wasn't there last week but I love it nonetheless.

What have you been doing with your sunny day?


  1. i love the picture of all the herbs. interesting... i've never heard of a perfume making kit! x

    1. Thanks :) It's a bit toxic smelling but she has enjoyed playing with it so much.

  2. Love all those herbs, very cool pics.


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