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Friday, 13 April 2012

Crochet Heaven

I love knitting and crochet....a lot.  I go through phases where I love one better than the other but my underlying love goes to crochet.  It has a nice flow when you are making something, it feels right.   I started crochet some smallish granny squares last year, I made loads, I wanted to make a blanket.  After awhile I laid them out, really excited to see what my blanket would look like only to realise that I had probably made enough for a quarter of a blanket.  Downcast I packed them in a box and put the in my wool stash.....I really had had enough of granny squares.

This week I had an urge to crochet, but wanted to learn some different techniques, or different squares so I got out my crochet square book and decided that I would have a go at crocheting a different square every day or two and then put them on here, like a crochet square journal.

It turns out the squares in my book are much much bigger than the squares I have already made, however, luckily four of my granny squares make up a square from this book.  Here's to actually finishing my blanket.  It will probably look really messy but I will love it all the same because of all the effort and fun I had making it.

This is the book that I am using for my squares.

If you want to learn how to do a simple granny square watch the youtube video above. 

**Very important** American and British crochet terms differ.  Always check your books instructions to make sure you are using the correct stitch. s)

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  1. What a fun pile of squares. I recently started crocheting some squares. I know it's going to take a long time to get enough for a blanket (especially since I hardly ever work on them!), but it's a fun long-term project. I see you posted this in April. Any progress?


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