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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Car Boot Disaster

Every bank holiday one of the local villages in Dorset runs a car boot sale.  For some reason, and I'm can't out my finger on the answer, this particular car boot is brilliant.  It's not the largest I've ever been too but it has a certain charm about it.

My family and friends await each bank holiday with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  You just never know what the British weather will do on a bank holiday, even in August!

Normally this field is chock a block full of cars.

I looked forward to this Monday Bank Holiday, a lot.  Unfortunately the weather demons were in full force but my mum and me decided to go anyway, you never know.  I was pretty convinced that there would be no-one there at all.  So I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and there was one tiny row of cars and 4 stands in the small village hall.

We parked up, wrapped up and trudged off.  Took a very quick look around the hall and then decided to brave the outside.  To begin with it wasn't that bad.  We had a good look around the row of cars.  Had a giggle with some of the sellers.  Then more rain came, and a bit more, and still the sellers stayed.  I would have been long gone, in fact I probably wouldn't have even left my drive, but I really loved that they still took the effort to go, set up and stand out in the driving rain.

 Hardcore carbooters

One stall had taken their garden gazebo, brilliant idea and one you should all consider if you are ever brave enough or nutty enough to do a car boot in the rain.

And even though there were only a handful of cars selling stuff my mother still managed to come out with 4 carry bags of goodies......yes 4.....can you imagine how many bags she would have filled if the car boot had been sunny and busy.

I managed to find a couple of goodies too.  I fell in love with this picture of Stanley Park in Vancouver for 3 reasons, one is my dad lives there and I have been to this park and two, just look at it, it's brilliant, how could you not love it? The colours are amazingly vivid and the cars are beautiful.  Lastly it cost 50p, yes a whole 50p, I know some of you will think I paid too much but I think you are the crazy ones.

I found these 2 little frames, I had it in mind that I could put an old photo of my grandad in his army uniform in one of the frames but unfortunately when I got it home I found it only stands one way, the wrong way.  Still, it's a pretty little frame so I'm sure I can find someone else to put in it.

Lastly I found these super kitschtastic place mats.  The picture is all the same but I love it nonetheless.  What a cool bird.  My nan used to have a clock just like that one too.

Here I am finishing this post and looking forward to the next bank holiday with excitement and trepidation.  Let's hope the weather holds out for it.  I will post about it so you can see the difference

Happy car booting one and all

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  1. Cripes we English are so eccentric! I love your photos and the stuff that you bought.


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