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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's Time For Tea

Tea is my favourite drink of the day.
Of all time!
I'm a builders tea kind of girl, in a mug grrrrrr!
But when I drink more refined teas I need a more classy kind of cup.

This vintage cup, so proper and elegant, it should be used to drink English breakfast tea.

This is the Princess Margaret Commemorative Tea Cup and Saucer by Paragon.

Now for a more healthy tea I would use these beautiful mid century cups.

Or cugs, maybe mups?  A cross between a cup and a mug but perfect for the healthy tea of your choice.

These pretty ones are from 

Do you have a perfect recipe for how to make tea?
Perhaps you have a tea box filled with lots of different flavours.

These fantastic teapots are from 

And of course you should never have tea without cake!!

Fancy a cuppa anyone?


  1. Thanks for the feature, Chantal!

    Love your blog, btw :)

    The Roche Studio

  2. I love tea...bit I prefer mine in a mug, the bigger the better. lol

  3. Love those teapots! =0)
    And I love sweets, so those brownies look delish.

  4. Oh I do like my tea in a proper china teacup!

  5. Love those cups (or mugs?!?) hahah! So cute! Following your cute blog, greetings from the fellow Etsian in London, UK. Much love, -Eva xx

    P.S. I agree, those brownies made my mouth watering...

  6. Beautiful post!Thank you for feature my alarm clock!


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