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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Featuring...Pearls & Swine

Tell us a bit about you and your shop

I am Bink, I am the designer of Pearls & Swine, I handcraft  pop surreal headwear and fascinators fit for brides and Ascot. 

Where else can we find you?

I have my website with shop, an Etsy shop, Twitter and Facebook. I don’t do wholesale anymore as i just don’t have enough hours in the day to supply shops so i am just online selling to the 4 corners of the world.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I try to avoid what everyone else is doing, i am not interested in fashion or magazines or celebrities. I try to keep my creative thoughts “pure” and my own. I am inspired by pop surreal art, colour, flowers, insects, food, culture, religion, strangeness, death, movies, real people who ARE living art.... to name a few things!
What’s your favourite piece in your shop
At the moment i am totally in love with headdresses, the bigger the better. I am also really into detail, i love intricate detail. My work is becoming increasingly 3D which is hard to photograph as you literally need to see and touch it to really appreciate it.

What advice have you got for anyone out there that would like to make a living from their art?
Be master of your OWN destiny. Never let anyone else hold the keys to your business, rely only on yourself and work your socks off, the way to succeed is to get up every day and to give it 100%! This isn’t going to be easy but it’s worth it. If it’s your true passion you will make it work or die trying.
Is there anything you wished you had done differently?
I wish i began creating sooner, i wasted so much time hoping i would turn out to be normal... whatever that is?
If you could learn something new what would it be and why?
Crochet, i LOVE 70’s fashion, i want to wear crochet dresses.... and i love brightly coloured crochet blankets!

Where is your most favourite place on Earth?

My studio, i love working a bit too much! I forget to take time off.... i generally work 7 days a week as i have no off switch.

I’m a massive pizza fan, what would be your dream pizza topping?

Goats cheese, asparagus, bacon, mushrooms....
What would your pirate name be?
Bad Juju
What question do wish I had asked and what would you answer be?

Why is your business called Pearls & Swine?
I call my business "Pearls & Swine" as a reference to the biblical quote "Don't cast your pearls before the swine". I guess on some level it's referring to my religious upbringing. "Pearls and swine" is something I used to say when referring to not being understood. It's a bit Ying Yang, contradictory, juxtaposed, pretty/ugly, that is very much what I am all about, as is the work I do

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  1. Oh wow, those are amazing. Wearable art for sure! Thanks for sharing these designs with us!


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