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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Great Sloe Hunt

We're going on a sloe hunt
We're going to catch some big ones
We're not scared

Hang on......that's bears not sloes!!  

Well, we definitely went on a Sloe hunt.   We had a lot of fun too.  However, we came out empty handed.  We followed a great tip off to find loads and loads of sloe bushes only to find them, eventually.....already cut back by the farmer.  Boo hiss......don't they know that I NEED to make sloe gin.

 I'm not a massive fan of the foot shot.......normally because ALL my shoes are really scruffy.  However a family foot that's a whole different story.
 We stumbled upon this great den, the kids loved it!
 Spooky gate.  The magic is on the other side of that.  There's a red dragon that lives there.
I love my family, they are bonkers!

Anyone know a great place for sloes?  No, oh well.  I'll be hunting again soon.

Chantal x


  1. Looks like you had a fab day out nevertheless. When we went blackberry & sloe picking the same had happened, trimmed trees so we didn't get many. If you like a bit of home brewing and infusing you might enjoy this website I came across recently, lovely boozy stuff :)

    1. Hey, thanks for the heads up. What a great boozy blog that is, right up my street lol. I am very jealous of your sloe gin i must say.

  2. wow, I never before thought about how sloe gin was made, I just liked the taste of a sloe gin fizz. lol. great pictures, looks like you all had a great day sloe hunting.

    1. Yes we did have fun. Oh my gosh, I love sloe gin so much, so yummy. Absolutely perfect for Christmas.

  3. What a great day out and what a shame about the sloe consideration, these farmers!! :) x


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