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Monday, 1 October 2012

September's Best Bits

September was a funny month for me.  My holiday from France visiting my family was over, all 3 of my children went back to school, my mum came to visit and then went again, I took up cycling and got a cold.  

All in all the above excuses........I always have an excuse.........meant  I didn't quite blog as much as I would have like.

That said I have still got some of my September highlights to share with you.
Click the pictures to go to the original posts.

I had a wonderful time at The Goodwood Revival 2012
The Travelling Notebook came back before embarking on a journey to The USA
Sunday Crushing  - The Deer Issue
Caravaning in style on the French coast
I want, I need, I love
Bargain hunting French Style

And here we are, October again.  Came round in a Flash eh?  |Soon be Christmas!
Chantal x


  1. Like this post! Lots of beautiful item and I love that bargaining market French style!

    via EBT

  2. Looks like a busy and fun September! Summer always seems to fly by!

  3. Love the Jaspers Romance purse. When we were kids my sister and I had a scrap of that gold metal "fabric" and we just adored the feel of it. If I owned that purse I think I'd run my hands over it all day.

  4. Do you know if the next gal ever got the notebook?

  5. Isn't it crazy how the time flies by so quickly? I really like the traveling notebook. =0) This is a great re-cap of September.

    from Blogging Buddies


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