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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Crushing - The Deer Issue

The Deer Issue

Such a graceful creature, the deer.  I recently bought myself an utterly wonderful pair of vintage paint by numbers.  I just fell in love with them so fast I had to buy them.  I have a bit of deer love going on at the moment, you'll see in my shop that I bought back some fabulous deer's from France.  ( I might sneak them in at the end of this post)

OK, now, look away, just going sneak these last few in here..........oops they're from my shop, silly me!

Have a great Sunday
Chantal x


  1. Thank you for featuring my bronze wall art, I just adore your blog.


  2. Love the tapestry! Great blog.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Those are such cute deer finds. I really like the small "rat in my kitchen" deer.

  4. I have a few vintage deer living with me - mostly amongst other critters on my Wall of Nature - so this cornucopia of deer goodness hits the spot! :)
    + thanks for featuring my big deer figurine; it's happy to be here!

  5. I am also a deer obsessed blogger. I particularly love mid-century ones manufactured in Japan. The deer tapestry featured in this post by Hedgerow Home is gorgeous. But I think if I purchase any more deer-themed home decor I'll be at risk of being "the crazy deer lady".

    Thanks for the shout out Chantal! Love your blog.


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