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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Caravans and Fishing

I'm pretty lucky to be able to go and stay at my family's house in France. 

Doubly lucky that they also own a static caravan by the sea.

We trundled off there for a few nights......and if you had seen my car you would have thought I was there for 2's amazing the amount of stuff you have to pack for a family of 5, even for just 3 nights!!

We had a fab time at the caravan including fishing for the first time.........and by that I mean the kids tried it.  A Sea Weedy Beast was even caught.  Unfortunately photographic evidence has been lost but in the event of my hubby finding his phone with the pic on I will immediately post it up.

 I mean, how often do you get to see a Sea Weedy Beast??

And crazy as it sounds, one of my highlights of our caravan stay, was a wet and rainy afternoon with a full on thunder storm raging around us.  It was so cosy, I loved it!

 Caravan Love
 Um, who's silly idea was that then?  Of course I'm going to blog it!!
 A very windy beach!  The kids were literally flying in their homemade planes.
 Hubby got a bit artistic with dinner!  This is NOT a Sea Weedy Beast so don't get excited!
 Ah, this is the life!
 Thursday market by the sea.
Ready for action!

Tomorrow I will show you some of the gorgeous beaches around my family's home.
You should go and read my mum's blog, 8 La Commune, there's lots about her vintage life in France.
Where have you all been on holiday this year?
Chantal x

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