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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Crushing - The Owl Issue

The Owl Issue

My 2 eldest kids and husband have gone off on an adventure today.  They are going to have an amazing time in London.  For me and the littlest the house seems pretty quite!  We are going to take a little looksee at a Vintage Fair though so that should be fun.  Little fingers wanting to touch everything.........beware stall holders.

On with this weeks Sunday Crushing.  I have a thing for  vintage owls.

Tweet Twoo

Well I've had a hooting good time.

What are you crushing on this Sunday?
 Chantal x


  1. Oww that sound like a lot of fun!! Yesterday I went to this massive flea market with about 700 stalls. I really didn't know where to look, so much stuff. I have made a little impression of it on my blog. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Forgot to mention my love for owls. I LOVE owls and I have quite a few of them in our home. And my blog logo has an owl as well. Pretty owls in the above pictures, thanx for sharing. :)

  2. Lovely owl connection, London must be real busy with the Olympic crowd.

  3. Thanks for featuring one of my items! I am also quite the owl lover and have found quite a few vintage ones while out junking! It's always a little hard to post them on Etsy but it makes me happy when they go to another owl lover! Thanks again!


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