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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Will it ever stop?

I'm talking about the rain.

And well, yes, it did stop.

We had a full day and night of rain yesterday, it was so damp and grey and gloomy that in this household we even snuck the heating JULY!  Crazy I know.

The other thing that happened was we got stuck in our village.  All routes out were flooded.  So this morning, bright (well actually it wasn't guessed it....grey) and early I got in the car and went and got some photos so I could show you.

And here there are *flourishes hand*

 I know this one looks like a river but this is the field next to the river.....see those trees way over there...yeah...that's where the river should be!

My son and I had fun taking these and it was even funnier trying to explain to an old farmer in a lovely Land Rover that I wasn't mad I just wanted to take some photos.....he didn't quite get it bless him.

How are you all on this lovely Sunday?
Chantal x


  1. I wish I could share the rain with you to even out our drought!

  2. It finally feels like summer here in Seattle! I've been enjoying the sunny weather the last few days :) Hope things clear up for you too!

  3. The rain is just so depressing now isn't it!! My hair is not enjoying it that's for sure!

    Victoria xx

  4. Yikes! We are having the opposite trouble in Delaware - my town declared a water emergency so we're restricted from watering lawns, washing cars, etc.


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