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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tour De France

I don't know if  I have mentioned this before but I'm a cycling widow.......and by that I mean that my husband is heavily into cycling.  We have the club runs every Sunday, he cycles to work......most days.....cycling club on tuesday evenings and Racing/Time Trials on Thursday evenings.  From this point on it only gets worse....why you may ask....well I will tell you.   The Tour de France started yesterday with it's Prologue and today sees the start of the stages.   I get the joy of watching or listening to comments about this for the next 3 weeks and then just when you think it's all over there are tour after tour after tour starting.

In honour of my husbands favourite sport I bring you vintage Tour de France...the one where it was considered good to smoke, drink and not wear helmets, the one where the first ever winner allegedly caught the train on boring or diffcult stages.  It was normal practice to be towed by cars, the chasse à la canette was riders jumping off their bikes into bars ans stealing what they could, then riding back to their teams and handing out their plundered goodies.

For me the best bits are the lovely lycra clad bottoms and seeing all the beautiful scenery that the cycle though.

Tom Simpson and Rudi Altig



Eddie Merckx 1966

Tom Simpson
All I can say least it's not football.

Good Luck to Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish.

Enjoy your Sunday
Chantal x

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  1. You are right, at least it is not football!! :))) And at least he is an active participant, not a passive one, sitting in pub or at home with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and a bottle of beer in his hand - he is doing something and that is always good and the extra bonus for you is the muscles that he gets from it. And lots of time for crafty things while he is gone out cycling ;-)


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