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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Instagram & Me

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed over the last year or so that I have been suffering from a massive case of Instagram envy.  My smart phone was so unsmart it was not compatible with Instagram.

So, I watched as you all uploaded amazingly wonderful photos that you'd taken with Instagram and I sat and sighed.

Sometimes I even threw a little virtual hissy fit and stamped my virtual feet in temper because I couldn't join in the fun.

Jump forward a year and I have joined the Instagram masses.

Now my virtual feet stamp in frustration.

I'm having a love/hate relationship with it.


Bradley Wiggins making history....I loved this photo of him and his son doing a lap of honour at the end of The Tour de France

My toes went skinny dipping

Picking, podding and cooking broad beans that we grew

One of the perks of going to work at 5.30am is you get to see amazing things without anyone else around.

I actually started riding my bike to 5.15am!

Making cheese and ham muffins

The finished muffins....didn't turn out that bad even though I added 700ml of milk rather than 200ml and then had to add more flour in complete guesstimation

Summer on a plate

S'cuse the chips.......but hey there's a flippin dinosaur trying to eat my breakfast!!

Crafting in the sun with my pal

Crafting in the sun with my pal UNDER this!
Bumper haul of was hot work digging these up!

OK, here's the thing..........quite often I just cannot upload my pictures......even when I have full wifi strength.

Why oh why can't they link this to the internet so that you can view your pictures and friends pictures and likes on your computer?

Why can't I use the pictures I like....for sister has uploaded a couple photos of me, which for once are semi decent, and I'd like to use one as my profile pic?

I though as well, that there were going to be loads of filter and frame options, I was mildly surprised to find it's very limited.

And lastly, everytime I have a failed upload why do you have to add another photo to my phones means I end up with numerous pics of the same image.

I'm sure you all laughing your socks off at me now, saying she's so silly, why doesn't she just do this...........

If any of you Instagram Legends want to impart any of your Instagram Wisdom please please please feel free to comment leaving me it.

That said, when it's uploading properly it is fun, and I'm enjoying finding people to follow.  It's making me into a camera freak though, I'm suddenly taking really random pictures all the time.

Right you lot, I want to follow more people so let me know how I can find you and I'll come and follow.

Have a great day
Chantal x


  1. I too have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I think your photos look great too (I love the one with the field at 5 am the best)! I share my Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook so I have more sharing power with my friends. I also don't like the limited filters so i use an app called Magic Hour (I have a Droid and I don't know if you can find it for iPhone) which I use to edit/filter/frame all my photos prior to uploading on Instagram to be just as awesome as those photos that I used to envy!

    Blogging Buddies Team

    1. Technology is just so frustrating lol. I'm off to look at Magic Hour, thanks for the tip.

    2. No problem! I'm sure you'll love it, there's a free version and a paid for. The only diff is that the paid for allows you to download unlimited filters but the free comes with a whole bunch plus if you click recreate then you can edit, change textures, frames etc. I looooove it!


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