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Monday, 11 June 2012

My Healthy Day

My day pretty much started like this.............

A nice HEALTHY breakfast consisting of porridge oats, apple and Cinnamon.

It started like this because today was the day of my NEWEST health kick, it was a really enjoyable start to the day.

Forward 12 hours, husband comes home and says these words..... actually before I tell you let me say he has NOT uttered these words in over 10 years!

"Let's have a kebab tonight"

And even after I protested....mainly because I didn't want to walk into the kebab shop.....even after all my pitiful moaning, he still insisted that he really fancied a kebab.

My shopping list

A doner kebab with garlic sauce, chilli sauce and some salad and chips.

So off I reluctantly stumble to the kebab shop and return with THE KEBAB!  (see below)

To me they tasted like they had 10 years ago......or rather like they were 10 years old....bleugh.



Unlike any meat you can identify

HEALTH WARNING: These should  be used for EMERGENCY consumption NOT and I repeat do NOT go into a kebab shop unless you have had 8 pints a lot of lager!

And at the end of the meal I hear these words
If I ever suggest a kebab again don't let me have one.


  1. Hi!
    your breakfast definitely looks healthy :)
    I'm not much of a kebab fan, but I wouldn't mind those fries!
    have a terrific day,
    Duni - via Etsy Blog Team

  2. At least the chips look like they were nice!

  3. We don't have kebab shops where I live..I think that may be OK!

  4. The chips were lovely however this was the first timein about 10 years we'd had kebabs and I think it will be the last time EVER!! Hubby felt quite ill afterwards.

  5. love apples in porridge. sometimes with a tbs of peanut butter. MMMM. good stuff. the kebab, not look like that so much.


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