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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Making Mum Happy

I've been a bit quiet over the last few days and I'll tell you why.  I've been making a blog for my mum.  It took quite a few days, getting things just right.   I wanted to make sure she loved her blog because when you love your blog you give it loads of attention.

And here it is..........

I really like it and hopefully she is as pleased as she said she is.  It was really interesting to do and I learnt loads of great stuff on the way about Blogger and sneaky little get arounds but mainly what I learnt was how to make something for someone that they love, it's easy to make something that they kind of like but it takes a lot of time and patience to make something they fall in love with.

When you are your own customer it's pretty easy to communicate to yourself what you want your blog to look like or at least it should be easy......and now I have an image of me talking to myself, discussing my requirements......Chantal stop rambling to yourself!

So now I am the proud builder of 2 blogs

Who would have thought it

Who would have thought I'd have the patience to make one for my mum

Ask anyone, they will tell you patience is not my strong point, especially when trying to explain computer stuff to mum!  Actually it makes us giggle now but sometimes I do have to explain things more than 5 times

Love ya mum xx

Now what I need to learn is how to be a bit tidier.  I have loads of files now for all the images used and all the attempts......the many.....many.....many attempts at images.  Do any experienced blog builders have any useful tips for me?  I need them, I need tidiness in my life :)

I'm Gonna wash that man right by Southpacific on Grooveshark

I need to wash those files right out of my hair

I think it might have sent me slightly bonkers

Only joking mother

What have you all been up to recently?  Is there anything you've made that you're proud off?

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday

Chantal x


  1. Thank you lovely daughter xxx

  2. Very sweet of you to create such an awesome blog for your mom!

    Found you through Etsy Blog Team, and I'm following you now!

  3. Very cute blog. Your Mom must be so excited you built her a blog.
    It does take time. It takes lots of patience too. I have built quite afew myself.


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