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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I Want, I Need, I Love

......The one where I stepped away from the turqouise and into the pink

Irgendwie,Irgendwo,Irgendwann by Räbedibäms on Grooveshark

My love for Grooveshark continues and grows daily. If you haven't discovered it yet it's once you've read my post scamper along to it and turn your speakers up loud.

I love this music, my cousin in Switzerland is in a Guggenmusik band (not the one playing but I will write a post about them sometime soon, they are called Chenegouga), they have the best fun and between you and me I'm very jealous that I never got to be in a band like this, not that I can play music, but I would learn just to be in a band like this.

See this palm hanging below, yep that one, when I win some big money, that's going to be mine......I want it so badly.........not sure what the hubby will make of it but I'll sneak it up while he's out cycling.


And while I have been writing this post I have discovered that Guggen Music is very much alive in England!!
Check these guys out, totally and utterly awesome, hopefully they will come down to the South West sometime I must see them live.

What have you been falling in love with this week?

Chantal x


  1. Love the purse...reminds me of a shiny new car :)

  2. I'm not normally a pink girl, but that dinnerware is so different a fresh! I love it.

  3. Such great finds...loving that dinner ware!

  4. Chantel-

    Thank you so much for featuring my necklace!

    It's great to see it here and I appreciate your support!


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