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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bonne Fête du Travail

Bonne Fête du Travail to all my French friends and family, I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing day and enjoying receiving your Lily of the Valley.  Here is my offering to you. :)
France is celebrating Labour Day today, a day to celebrate workers rights.  They have a tradition of giving sprigs of Lily of the Valley (muguet) to friends and family.  This comes from King Charles IX who was given Lily of the Valley in 1561 as a lucky charm.  It's rumoured that he loved this so much that he started giving all the ladies of his court Lily of the Valley on 1st May......what a charming thing to do.  It's also customary for ladies receiving these flowers give a kiss on the cheek in return, so perhaps he wasn't such a charmer after all  but more of a saucy charmer!

à toute à l'heure mes amis!

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