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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Birthday Celebrations

I had so many happy birthday's on Facebook yesterday I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone.

I had a wonderful day, although some of it was a little fraught.  My own fault really, I chose to go charity shop/vintage shopping in Bridport.  It's hard to go shopping for vintage stuff with a husband in tow that hates old stuff and a 2 year old that wants to touch ALL of the old stuff.  Sean tried his hardest but in the end it really was a silly undertaking.  Sean made me giggle when we came out of a house removal warehouse and said that he had tried really hard not to breath though his mouth because he didn't want to get mold spores in there.

This pretty much depicts his views on charity shop shopping and me telling him I was going to post about him on my blog.

So when we weren't having to pry things out of a 2 year olds hands we got to see some pretty amazing shops.

This was my absolute favourite shop of all.  I could have stood in this unit for hours and spent all my money.  i just wanted to transport it all to my house.

I can totally see myself in this hat....well not really but it is cool.

My family spoilt me rotten, red lips from one sister and red top from the other sister.  I had loads of really cool presents, including a 1960's cut glass sweet bowl which I will show you all another day....ah the suspense!

And my evening festivities started like this......already in a silly mood and ended like this.....

you can't beat pink bubbly in a Babycham glass!

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