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About Me

This is me, before life got complicated.  No mobile phones, households didn't have computers, maybe 1 car per family, no computer games....simple.
I was born in Dorking.  My dad was a chef from Switzerland and my mum was a waitress from Dorking. My family is an eclectic mix of nationalities, my Grandad is Polish, my Dad is Swiss, one Uncle is Spanish, another is German, my amazing Step-Dad is Welsh (but we don't hold that against him....I'm just joking, we do really I am just joking!) and I feel extremely proud and lucky to be part of this amazing family.
I want this sofa!
I was lucky enough to spend an awful lot of time in Switzerland as I grew up.   I had idyllic holidays in The Alps riding on the back of an old tractor up to my family's chalet just outside of Verbier.  We'd look for wild mushrooms and chop down trees for firewood.  We'd take long walks and eat wild strawberries in the forest.  I spent lazy days reading The Famous Five on the balcony, or the rickety wooden landing of an ancient shed.  I adore the smell of wild herbs in the mountains in the summer.
I wasn't the prettiest baby
Isn't this the best tractor ever!  I love it so much.
Back home I used to roam the estate with my friends on our bikes.  Playing in the woods.  Pretending we were foreign and talking in gobbledygook to try to fool the grown ups into thinking we were from another country.  

Playtime's at school consisted of skipping, kiss chase, elastics, cats cradle.  We played with balls, and marbles and jumping jacks.

The 80's was a whirlwind of Rubik cubes, Atari's, dreadful music and even more dreadful clothing, although now I am beginning to love hindsight!
As far as I can remember I've had a love for vintage.  Apparently the first thing I ever laughed in hysterics at was Abbot & Costello.  One of my earliest singles was Laurel & Hardy singing The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  My nan, Betty, used to dance with me around her front room to the amazing Glen Miller and I've adored Elvis since forever.

My mum is the most incredible vintage hunter I have ever seen.  Every visit to her home consists of me spotting some new find of hers and declaring how much I love it and how much I want it....sometimes I get lucky!
My beautiful mum (and yes it appears she dressed me as  Rupert Bear!)
So this is me and this is my blog, I hope you enjoy it
This is the coolest room, I wish it was still like this.